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WHAT is EƒM?

EfM is a four-year theological education program. Participants commit to one year at a time, and meet weekly via Zoom or Online (except for June-Aug) in seminars led by a trained mentor. Over the four years, participants study the Bible, Church history, and current religious and moral issues, while learning to engage in theological reflection. This provides a solid education in the foundations of our Christian life.

WHY participate in EfM?

WHO participants in EFM?

EfM is for all Christians and anyone who wants to understand the Jewish and Christian Scriptures, how the Faith of Jesus became modern Christianity. The presumption is that one is not participating with the expectation of seeking ordination. Baptism is not a ticket to heaven but incorporation into the life and work of Christ, and EfM provides the foundations of a theological education in order to develop knowledge and confidence about the ministry share all Christians are called to.

Many people are hungry for an in depth comprehension of Scripture, but cannot accomplish that on their own. EfM provides a structured group that helps us understand our lives and our actions as we deepen our Christian faith. Through study, worship, prayer, discussion, and theological reflection, EfM allows us to discover and exercise our ministries where we live and work - it helps and supports us Monday through Saturday.

The ministry of a lay person is to represent Christ and his Church, particularly by bearing witness to Christ wherever we may be, and to fulfill the Great Commission - to bring the grace and peace of Christ into the world. EfM helps us to think theologically . . . it deepens our understanding and faith . . . it provides us with a confidence to be Christ's agent in congregation, community, and family..

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